On the Edge

Photo by Lynn Lane

Photo by Lynn Lane


On the Edge, a small part of a larger work investigating liminal and ontological ideas, explores the contradictory and nonsensical nature of entering into a new space – the liminal space. This space is a physical and abstract one in which the subjects are neither here nor there: they may oscillate between the two spaces for an indefinite amount of time. The piece pays special attention to the desire – the need – to enter into the new space. Two subjects take on the same journey, yet have vastly different experiences. After many tolling trials, the journey leaves lasting impressions on the subjects.

In retrospect, this piece came about as a natural reaction to entering into adulthood. This is the first piece I created as a college student. At the time, I was unaware of my true artistic intentions, but as I reflect and consider, it becomes clear that I was unveiling deep emotions of uncertainty, anxiety, and frustration.

Total length of work: 6 minutes


Sam Houston State University in Dances @ 8 (Huntsville, TX)

The Barn in Barnstorm Dance Festival (Houston, TX)


Rueckverzauberung 7 by Wolfgang Voigt

Photo by Lynn Lane

Photo by Lynn Lane