Blind Consequences

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Blind Consequences explores indulgence in hedonism and the resulting negative outcomes that follow. In the first section, a soloist falls into the throes of physical and emotional pleasure only to find herself delving further and further into a state of despondency.  She is left wanting while her psyche rummages through various responses. The group section consists of three distinct vignettes: Reality, Desire, and The Collective. Reality depicts just that: what occurs in the real world, regardless of what she may want to happen. Desire, performed by two dancers, is shown on the edge of the stage -- almost in the audience. Gestural phrases demonstrate the soloist's true wants: love, energy, satisfaction, and purpose. Lastly, The Collective makes known the disturbed psyche of the subject. At a point, The Collective splits, conflicted with its own responses and analyses; however, it is not long until it unites once again and begins to approach the soloist, confronting her head on. The piece concludes with the soloist consumed by her own psyche, leaving behind her desires.

Total length of work: 10 minutes


Sam Houston State University in Dances @ 8 (Huntsville, TX)


Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel

Gwelly Mernans by Aphex Twin

Photo by Carrie Courtney

Photo by Carrie Courtney