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Resumé (PDF)

Emily Robison is a Texas-based dancer and choreographer, and she is currently a dance major at Sam Houston State University (SHSU).  Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Robison moved to Houston, Texas in 2011 at the age of fourteen to attend the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA), in which she graduated from with honors in May 2015. She has studied all forms of dance, including ballet, modern, contemporary, tap, musical theatre, ballroom, and folk; however, she is most passionate about and interested by modern and contemporary dance styles. 

While in high school, she made her professional debut in Big Range Dance Festival (2012); performed in an evening-length production of Regifting Lions, choreographed and produced by Toni Valle, Catalina Alexandra, and Lynn Lane (2012); and starred in a guest artist piece by Andre Tyson, assistant dean at the California Institute of the Arts (2015).  In addition, she filmed, produced, and performed in several experimental dance films of her own: Bruits de Train (2012), Misgivings (2014), and Repercussions (2014).  Repercussions – among 18 other international films – was screened in Houston, Texas and Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania in the Third Coast Dance Film Festival (2014). In her senior year of high school, she was named one of Houston's Top 100 Creatives for choreography and film (2014) and choreographed a short work, Loft (2015). 

While at SHSU, Robison has performed in many pieces and films by undergraduates, graduates, and the dance faculty. Notable artists she has worked with include Andy and Dionne Noble, Erin Reck, Dana Nicolay, Ashley Clos, and Alexis Anderson.  She performed in her choreographic work of On the Edge (2016) in the Dances @ 8 student production at SHSU, the same piece that was performed at the Barn in Houston in the Barnstorm Dance Festival. While participating as a work-study intern at Strictly Seattle Dance Intensive 2016, Robison created a two-minute dance film, Something to Gawk At (2016). Robison has recently completed her largest work thus far, Blind Consequences (2017), which was shown at Dances @ 8 at SHSU. She performed a solo choreographed by Andy Noble and David Deveau - Last Flight Home (2017) - at SHSU as well as the Hobby Center in downtown Houston as a guest dancer in Noblemotion's Catapult

She has been nominated two years in a row for “outstanding talent, craftsmanship, and artistry” in choreography for her pieces On the Edge and Blind Consequences. In addition, she has been nominated for the Kelley Barber Endowed Dance Performance Scholarship, the Academic Excellence Award, and for “greatest overall refinement and artistic excellence in concert dance.” She has received the SHSU Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Scholarship and the SHSU Dance Performance Scholarship, and will be entering her third year at SHSU. She is currently employed at MC Dance in Huntsville, Texas as a dance teacher.