Choreographer, Educator, + Performer

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Emily Robison is a choreographer, educator, and perfomer. She is an alum of the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas, and she earned her BFA in dance at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. She has performed for a variety of artists including Dana Nicolay, Erin Reck, Andy Noble, Christian Denice, and Stephanie Pizzo. Her choreographic work has been shown professionally in Houston, Huntsville, New York, Seattle, Waco.

All photos by Emily Robison unless otherwise stated

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My work transports both the audience and the performer to captivating worlds.

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The classroom is a place to share, discover, and examine the various avenues for movement and artistic expression.

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A collection of works that have been choreographed and presented for live audiences in a traditional proscenium setting.


Photo by David Deveau

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Other creative endeavors

Film + Photography

I utilize film and photography mainly for the purpose of creative release. The content is usually intensely personal and/or experimental in nature. I originally became interested in these mediums because they were a useful way for me to create and present my personal artistic voice as an artist in high school. As I have continued to create work, my interest in film and photography has now shifted into a deeper appreciation for the art forms, particularly because they have the ability to embody every art form in one way or another.